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QuickBooks Solutions for Small Businesses

QuickBooks Consulting, Set up and Maintenance and Full-Service Bookkeeping options for your small business.  
QuickBooks Consultation

Whether you already have QuickBooks set up or are just starting out. Lydia can review your current financial procedures and help you find the software and procedures that work best for you and your business.  Lydia will review your current policies and procedures, as well as you current QB file if you have one to understand your business and how you work best.  She will review what is currently working for you and what you would like to see done in the future.  After gathering all the information, she will provide you with her recommendation for software requirements and ongoing procedures to use the software to your best advantage.

QuickBooks Set Up

If you don’t currently have a QuickBooks File and want to get one set up (following a QB Consultation) Lydia will set up the appropriate software for you. This includes the creation of your Chart of Accounts, set up of services/products, Classes and locations, and any other items that your company needs set up to work efficiently and productively. Lydia also provides a step-by-step instruction manual, specific to your industry and business, to enable you to work effectively and efficiently from day one, with minimal delays and mistakes.

QuickBooks Maintenance

If you already have a QuickBooks product but are unsure of the accuracy of your books or even know that they are currently a mess. Lydia will be happy to come in and get the books cleaned up and accurate for you once again. She will review your QB file and any historical data to correct it and get your accounts accurate again. 

QuickBooks Training

If you chose to maintain your books going forward, Lydia provides in depth training sessions for you and your staff that is specific to your industry and business.  Training sessions are available as individual sessions or as a part of a package deal, with a 2-session minimum being required.

QuickBooks Solutions for Small Businesses

Full Service Bookkeeping Options

Either ala cart or bundled together in a package deal Lydia offers multiple options for your bookkeeping needs.  
On-Call Consulting

For a small fee Lydia can make herself available to you for all your basic accounting questions as they may arise throughout the month. She is happy to answer questions, via email, text, phone call or even an onsite visit.

General QB Review

Providing you with peace of mind, Lydia offers annual, quarterly, or monthly reviews of your QuickBooks files. She reviews the accounts for inaccuracies and provides minor corrections. 

Financial Statements

Lydia can provide you with Professional and accurate Statements for you, your board, your partners, your investors or anyone else that might require Financial Statements. These Statements can include any number of reports that you or your team desire and can be produced on either a monthly, quarterly, annually, or on an as needed basis. 

Bank Reconciliation 

An important part of maintaining your financial records is knowing exactly how much money you have in your bank account and if you can afford to make additional purchases, therefore a bank reconciliation is critical to your ability to run a financially sound company. Lydia provides monthly bank reconciliations to compare your records to your bank statement and insure that nothing has been missed and all transactions are accounted for.

After-the-Fact Data Entry

For some business owners, real time data entry is not extremely important. Once a month or once a quarter is sufficient for them to see what is going on and enable them to stay in control of their finances. Lydia provides data entry on either a monthly or quarterly basis. Simply provide her with your receipts and deposit slips, and she will do all the work entering the data and categorizing it for you. 

Bill Payment/Accounts Payable

If your business, however, needs checks written and vendors paid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, Lydia also offers that service. She can work onsite, utilize an online Bill pay service, or you can simply provide her with the checks, send her the bills and she will process them for you.


Client Invoicing/Accounts Receivable

Making sure you bill and receive payment from your clients is probably the most important part of your business, and many business owners prefer to handle this part of the process themselves. However, if that is not something you want to be bothered with, Lydia is able to invoice and collect payment from your clients, as well. Simple, monthly, reoccurring clients work best, but weekly invoicing is also available. 

Payroll Processing

Your employees are your greatest asset (well, next to your time that is) and keeping them paid and happy is a top priority of any employer.  With QuickBooks online time tracking, Payroll, (and client billing) is made simple. Lydia can provide you with the tools and the assistance to insure your employees’ time is tracked and they are paid in a timely and efficient manner.    

Flexible packages to fit your needs