The Small Business

Revitalization Clinic

Whether you are “birthing” a new business, needing a check up and ongoing maintenance for your business, or your business is in a crisis…
We are here to help you improve the health and vitality of your business.

Delivery Room
New Business


We know your business is your “baby” and we want to help you deliver your baby to the world.

Wellness Visit
Existing Business


Your business needs to maintain good health and be able to grow.

Crisis Intervention
Reviving A Business


Just like when you fail to take care of your physical body, failing to take care of your business can result in an emergency situation.

Meet The Staff
Helping Businesses


These are the people that will assist in all aspects of the clinic.



- Telehealth Conference

- House Call


Ask an accountant, monthly zoom call.

Business Finance Consulting


Would you rather do ANYTHING other than enter receipts and process invoices?


If so, then you are not alone. 95% of business owners stated that bookkeeping or accounting was their least favorite part of running their business. 

Click the button below to discover how Lydia can help you mange your Books so you can focus on the things you love! 

Personal Finance Consulting


Offering personal Finance Consulting Sessions focused on educating you, so you can make more informed financial decisions.


In these sessions, you will identify your road blocks and then create a plan specific to you and your situation.


In addition to helping you succeed financially, the structure and tools you receive can also help you succeed in your personal life.

Design Consultation

Your image is important. It is how others see and perceive your business.


A defined look can make all the difference in presentation and value.


With an eye for detail, and the help of her graphic designer husband Matt, Lydia can take your sketches and ideas and bring to life the perfect image to represent you and your business.

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