Wellness Visit

Existing Business

Your business is needing to maintain good health and able to grow. 


Don’t know what you need? We will provide a full check up for your business. We review your financials, target clients, advertising, images, and give you a comprehensive plan to get your business on track. 

$250 one time

Financial Maintenance (Monthly):

Just like you need an annual check up to maintain good health for your body, your finances need to be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that your business is heading in the right direction. This includes transaction categorization, bank recs, financial review with profit first, and pumpkin plan guides. 

$450/per month 


Image Maintenance:

As the care of your skin is important, so is the image of your business projects being vital to how you are perceived. Our maintenance program ensures that your image and message is always crystal clear. Includes: Postcards, flyers, media graphics, and social media marketing. 

$300/per month 

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